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Our Garden

Our garden is very small but the enjoyment of it is enormous.  It is a delightful place to be especially in the spring and fall.  If you would like to listen to Linda’s favorite garden song while reading about the garden please click below.

Encore Azalea

We began gardening in the 1990’s with the idea that it would be exactly the way we wanted it to be.  It didn’t take long for the garden to teach us the truth.  I’m sure any gardeners who read this blog laughed knowingly when they read about the garden having a life of its own and our garden naivete.  We started out with grand hopes of Gardenia and Hydrangea bushes and lots of roses.  And once we learned to respect the garden we have planted what is happy living here.  The Encore Azalea bush in the photo on the left is one of three pots of Azaleas in the garden and they are gorgeous from early until late spring and start blooming again in August and bloom until early November.

The photo below was taken several years ago before we had a dreadfully hot and dry summer.  We were sad to lose some of our favorites but that’s just what happens with gardens and we were very happy for the ones that have survived year after year.

When we first made the transition to drought/heat tolerant plants we were disappointed but then we discovered how gorgeous some of them could be.  We have three pots of Plumbago in the garden and the one in the photo below is next to our deck and gets blasted with heat and sunshine all summer.


Bob transformed a mediocre bird bath into a beautiful and useful table by adding pretty shades of blue tile.  This bench faces the fountain.

Gracie and the birds, bees and other creatures love our fountain all year.  The squirrels are especially entertaining.

Lake Cliff Fountain

In addition to our garden we have the pleasure of living across from a small lake with what we consider to be a beautiful fountain.


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